3-Workout Bundle #1

3-Workout Bundle #1

A taste of what NVP Studio has to offer. Get started with a Pilates flow, a Barre class, and an Upper Body Workout.

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3-Workout Bundle #1

3 Videos

  • 20-Min. Upper Body w/ Light Weights

    This 20-minute upper-body workout is a good stand-alone class or can be paired with other workouts. All you need is a pair of light weights.

  • 48-Min. BootyBarre Inspired Workout

    Get ready for a full body workout!! All you need is a chair or kitchen counter and some light weights! Don’t worry, if you don’t have weights you can grab some water bottles or anything in your pantry that will give you a little weight!

  • 26-Min. Pilates Body Flow

    Grab your mat and some ankle weights (optional) for this full-body, PIlates-inspired workout. In just under 30 minutes, you will work your core, legs, and arms.