3-Workout Bundle #2

3-Workout Bundle #2

Continue your journey with this second series of videos. Keep moving with a Pilates/Fitness class, a Full Body workout and a Pilates flow.

3-Workout Bundle #2
  • 40-Min. Full Body with Ankle Weights

    For this full body workout I am using ankle weights for my upper body work as well as lower body, but you can chose to just use your body weight or use heavier dumbbells for your upper body work instead of ankle weights.
    *Pre and Post Natal safe but avoid planks and flexion (abdominal work were...

  • 40-Min. Reformer

    Join me in this quick reformer workout! This was my first workout back from vacation, so nothing crazy but I was definitely feeling it! Hope you enjoy it!

  • 45-Min. Full Body with Weights

    Join me with this fun full body workout! You will need a pair of 5-10lb weights (your choice, I am using 5lb) as well as ankle weight (but don't need them if you don't have them). This class is also pre and post natal safe but do eliminate all planking and if being in your back is uncomfortable s...