3-Workout Bundle #2

3-Workout Bundle #2

Continue your journey with this second series of videos. Keep moving with a Pilates/Fitness class, a Full Body workout and a Pilates flow.

3-Workout Bundle #2

3 Videos

  • 47-Min. Fitness Inspired

    A fitness-inspired workout blended with Pilates and barre principles where your heart rate will be elevated. All you need is your mat and some light weights. Sneakers optional!!!

  • 40-Min. Full Body Class

    This 40-minute Pilates-inspired full-body workout will leave you feeling strong, lengthened and energized all day! All you need is a mat and a pair of light weights. (ankle weights optional).

  • 30-Min. Full Body Pilates Workout

    Work your whole body in just 30 minutes. Ankle weights are optional.